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The Seed
A fairytale telling of sincerity, and of one who treasures it.

Being happy is not that difficult – pace being a king. Or not?
For our king ruling ist not a difficult thing at all. He loves it! But slowly getting old he becomes aware that he needs a follower. And THAT´S difficult! That´s difficult because he doesn´t have children.
So the king calls a competition to find a successor. Everybody can take part. We´ll see ...

For families and children of 3 years +


    photographs:     Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke

The Team:


Kristiane Balsevicius


Michaela Bartoňová


Ralf Lücke, Michaela Bartoňová

acting, music:

Ralf Lücke


Theater Rafael Zwischenraum, Berlin