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iPad - Theatre with Riddles

Live Drawing, Masks and Puppets All about an Egg


At the beginning: An egg!
The most different animals develop from the egg. On the large screen in the background arise forms, are blurred or painted over, and new originates in full view of the children as in nature. The changes are inviting to guess. What will come next? Birds and butterflies appear, turtles and fish . Lizards hatch from eggs, either and even animals of our fantasy. In a playful and humorous way there is a cautius touch of environment and not only children may take out inspiring moments for their own creativity.
For whole family and kids from 3 years+

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    photographs: Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke


Michaela Bartoňová


Ralf Lücke


Michaela Bartoňová


Ralf Lücke

drawing and painting on iPad:

Michaela Bartoňová


Ralf Lücke