Drawing in Motion

Visual Poems about Man and Animals

iPad/Live Drawing/Shadow/Puppetry/Projection/Acting

The usually static drawing starts to move in time to music. The image flows from black and white to colours, a landscape becomes figures: I SEE, so this is how it is. But the drawing changes shape again, overlaps the lines and the pages turn as if leafing through a memory, as if it drew itself by magic, although we see it is a projection of live drawing on iPad being performed in real time directly on scene. It is not an animation. In addition, an actor fleshes out the drawings with motion sliding into dance, or creating a situation and holding a conversation with the drawing. The episodes treat abstractly of men and animals. No pencil, no brush: drawing, watercolour, solid plane...
It is a virtual magic, very contemporary and very technical, nonetheless having the force of a poem by evoking imagination and emotions.


age:     adults + teens
duration:  55 minutes


Review                                    Technical Conditions

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    photographs: Miguel Alonso, Michaela Bartoňová


Tineola Theater, Theater Rafael Zwischenraum


Michaela Bartoňová


Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke


Ralf Lücke


Michaela Bartoňová


Mark Pitman


Michaela Bartoňová


Ralf Lücke